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The time surrounding birth is transformational for everyone involved. As a birth doula in Moscow, Pullman, and the surrounding areas, I can help to prepare you and your partner beforehand, to encourage, affirm and support you during birth and postpartum, and to leave you afterwards feeling at peace and empowered. I approach each birth with flexibility, sensitivity, and compassion - I love learning how to be the support each different birthing team needs.

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Why I Doula

Pregnancy and childbirth are experiences that birth a new season for every family. I am honored to come alongside each unique dynamic to provide education, support, and encouragement through the joys, questions, and challenges of this time. I love serving families in our tight-knit Palouse community! I help women embrace the challenge of childbirth gently and confidently through breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and a thorough understanding of the mechanisms of labor. If you're looking for a doula in Pullman, Moscow, or nearby, please contact me for a complimentary consultation. I look forward to meeting you!

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My Services

Pregnancy Exercise

Prenatal Visits and Education

After beginning our relationship with a meet and greet, I am committed to supporting you and available whenever needed throughout your pregnancy. Before your baby is born, I will meet with you several times to review childbirth, gain a deeper understanding of your preferences, needs, and goals, and develop and practice a plan for your birth. I have supported families in every birthing facility in Moscow, Pullman, and Lewiston, so I can also help you know what to expect from the place where you'll give birth.

Some things we will cover in our meetings are:

  • Basic childbirth education 

  • Medical procedures and options

  • How to communicate with your care provider

  • Relaxation, breathing, and coping techniques

  • Labor positions and strategies

  • Breastfeeding information

  • Postpartum care

  • How your partner can best help you

Continuous Labor Support

When you go into labor, I will support you continuously until baby is born and you are settled, offering unwavering support, a calm presence, and compassionate care for you and your partner.

I am on-call 24/7 for you in the weeks surrounding your due date, and I will come either to your home or birthing location as soon as you want me to arrive (usually when you have to breathe through contractions). I will help your birth partner assist you in labor with coaching techniques, labor positions, counter pressure, breathing techniques and more. Whether your labor is 3 hours or 30 hours, you will never be without support. I am here to help communicate with the medical staff to ensure your birth desires are carried through, and I will help your birth partner get a break to rest when needed. I love to equip your partner to support you confidently and effectively! Once your baby is born, I will assist with breastfeeding  to ensure baby is latched properly and you feel settled. When you feel settled and at peace, I will leave you to gaze in awe (and exhaustion) at your precious new child.

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Mother and Baby

Postpartum Support

Pregnancy, birth and the early days of child rearing can be overwhelming and exhausting. My role is to ensure you get the best information and care possible. No matter when you need me, I will be there offering support or referring you to someone who can help.

After the initial 1-2 hours after delivery ensuring that breastfeeding gets off to a good start, I like to do a within the first week after delivery to process your birth experience and provide additional resources. If you expect to need more support than this, we can discuss a custom package at any time.


I will also be on-call for you for one month postpartum if you have any questions. If you need support beyond that which I can provide, I have an extensive network of resources on the Palouse with which I can connect you.

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"Ruth was absolutely phenomenal and brought such a kind energy to the labor. Thank you so much again for helping us bring our beautiful daughter into the world exactly how I dreamt we would."

Maria - Palouse, WA

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"There are no words to describe how absolutely amazing it was to have Ruth as part of the birth of our amazing son. My husband and I set up an interview and both fell in love with her kindness and compassion, ability to describe things in a loving way and an overall feeling of comfort around her. She met with us a few times before I went into labor and just helped us feel prepared for labor.

When I went into labor, Ruth held my husband and I together. She helped him and I really mesh as one and the process went as smooth as it possibly could have, given the situation. She respected my wishes and was so helpful when it came to explaining what the doctors and nurses wanted to do and why, and let me make informed decisions. She fed me and encouraged me and I truthfully give her the credit for the process being great.

We have the sweetest post birth photos because of her. As soon as I could hold my baby, she taught me how to breastfeed and was so supportive.

Ruth checked on us the day after and answered so many questions we had, checked up on us by text and came to my house to check up on how I was feeling and how feeding was going 10 days after Wilson was born. She helped me connect with a post-partum doula when I felt incredibly overwhelmed.

I can honestly say that Ruth made my entire birth and post-partum experience a joyful one, and my husband and I were able to relax and know we had someone on our side the entire time."

Paige - Pullman, WA

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"Ruth was cheerful, confident, and super knowledgeable. She was supportive but not overbearing, and really thoughtful (even down to the body armor she brought to the birth)."

Jane - Moscow, ID

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"Ruth was an integral part of my labor and delivery team. She worked hand in hand with my husband. Between the two of them, they were able to help me stay in control and keep me relaxed between contractions, which led to me having a natural childbirth experience. Ruth did exactly what we needed when we needed it. Just as one coping technique would fade she would be suggesting something new to try and coaching my husband as he coached me. My husband and I are so happy with our experience with Ruth that we won't hesitate to hire her again when the time comes to add to our family."

Elizabeth - Genesee, ID

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"Ruth is very kind, informative, knowledgeable, prepared and resourceful. I felt very comfortable with her and knew I could ask anything and she would always find me an answer. She was a great voice at the hospital as well, even though my birth went a lot faster than expected."

Sibel - Moscow, ID

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"Ruth was an INCREDIBLE help in labor and I could not have gone through 31 hours of active labor without her! We HIGHLY recommend her. Everything she did for my family was extremely intentional and made a positive impact on the end of my pregnancy and labor. She equipped us with tools that gave us the confidence we needed to have a home birth."

McKenna - Pullman, WA

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"Even though I didn't get to fully utilize the services of a doula because I called too late and had the baby before she arrived, I would absolutely recommend every woman to have one, especially when having a hospital birth. I spent most of my pregnancy researching how to have a natural, unmedicated birth, and Ruth was still able to educate me with new information. Some of the things she brought up ended up being in the back of my mind throughout labor to help me focus on the task at hand. She was very encouraging of my birth preferences and understanding of the fears and doubts that had stemmed from my previous five births. She never judged me for having epidurals in my previous births or expected me to know everything just because I'd had children before. I'm very thankful for the help and insight she provided to me during my pregnancy to prepare me for labor. I ended up having my first fully unmediated, natural birth where I labored at home with my husband for three hours before going to the hospital and having the baby within 20 minutes of arriving. I felt absolutely amazing about my birth and experienced the biggest high after he was born. I would hands down have another unmediated birth and wish all my previous births had been like this one. Having a doula very much helped bring my birth preferences to fruition, and I'm very grateful to have had Ruth as my doula."

Megan - Pullman, WA

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"Ruth helped us to remind calm for many hours before going to the birth center. Also she gave us some useful tips before and after the birth that were really helpful. She was with us all the time even at the hospital which was really important for us. I highly recommended Ruth to anyone because she knows what she is doing plus she brings a lot of good energy and calm which in my case are really important during labor."

Francy - Palouse, WA

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"Ruth not only supported me through my birth experience but she also provided an encouraging and knowledgeable scaffold that allowed my partner and mother to support me in the most beautiful and helpful way. As part of my birthing team, Ruth was invaluable. She helped facilitate the calm and empowering birth experience I wanted despite a very challenging labor."

Cassandra - Moscow, ID

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"Ruth helped me emotionally process my previous births to help isolate fear from genuine concern with this birth. I was coming from a very traumatized place that needed attention and healing."

Anonymous - Lewiston, ID

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